The General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (GDPR) is an EU regulation on personal data protection and privacy.

GDPR seeks to achieve uniformity in the data protection rules applicable to all individuals within the European Union. GDPR relates to Personal Data which includes essentially any information relating to a natural person including name, location data, ID number or factors specific to the subject's physiological, economic and social identity (the GDPR also includes online identifiers such as cookies).

Hellebore Technologies SAS (HTECH) is a member of the Hellebore group of companies (HG). It is a technology development and hosting company; it is also the publisher of (Data Grapple). As part of the services it can provide, whether intra-group or to external third parties, it may be obliged to collect and process the Personal Data of, or related to, any parties corresponding with it or any other a member of HG, whether located in the EU or otherwise, in order to perform its services. Further, HTECH may be similarly required to use such information collected and processed to provide on a regular basis a range of information relating to the performance of its services and to retain for its records such information collected and processed for certain periods as required from time to time for the purposes of regulatory audit.

Notwithstanding the legal and contractual necessities of collecting Personal Data by HTECH we should like to restate below a summary of such actions:

  1. Method(s) of collection of Personal Data

    Personal Data may be collected by a member of HG such as HTECH via

    1. online registration, and, as appropriate, receipt of additional information (whether in physical or electronic form)
    2. on-going communication between a member of HG and its prospects and clients.

  2. Use/processing of Personal Data

    Personal data is used/processed for the purposes of

    1. pre-screening prospective suitability of potential subscribers expressing interest in HTECH services including Data Grapple and continuing to validate such suitability.
    2. sending to those potential subscribers that have been accepted as subscribers ongoing communications in respect of service status and enhancements.

  3. Storage and Deletion

    Personal Data collected and used/processed as per 1 and 2 above will be stored unless the provider of that information (the Provider) requests HTECH to delete it.

    Please note that HTECH and other members of HG are unable to delete the information if otherwise required for financial audit or other regulatory requirements.

  4. Security

    HTECH and other members of HG take reasonable and appropriate technical and organizational security measures to store Personal Data in secure databases or systems with restricted access and to protect them against loss, accidental or intentional misuse, alteration, destruction and access by unauthorized persons. Some of the databases or systems used by HTECH may be hosted and/or maintained by third party service providers located inside or outside of the European Union.

  5. Disclosure

  6. Your personal data will be only disclosed where HTECH is obliged to do so under financial services regulations or orders by financial services regulators or where ordered or otherwise required to do by other government agencies or under court order.

  7. Right to Access and Correction

  8. You have the right to access, modify and correct your personal data at any time.

  9. Contact

  10. Any queries or requests related to the processing of your personal data by HCSAS should be sent to